Consultations & Statements

Ofcom seeks people's views on a very broad range of policies; at any one time we will have a number of consultations open for comment. This area of our website explains how to find a particular consultation - and how to respond to our consultation teams.

Latest Consultations and Statements

Six Nations 2016

Consultation published 17|12|2015, Statement published 01|02|2016

Broadcasting Code Review - Section Three: Crime

Consultation published 13|01|2016

Future regulation of on-demand programme services

Consultation published 18|12|2015

Fees for Spectrum Access 28 GHz Licences

Statement published 08|12|2015

Proposed Annual Plan 2016/17

Consultation published 04|12|2015

Revising the penalty guidelines - Statement

Statement published 03|12|15

Metering and Billing Approval Logo

Statement published 26|11|15

Licence Exemption of Wireless Telegraphy Devices: Candidates for 2015

Consultation published 31|07|2015, Statement published 12|11|2015