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Independent regulator and competition authority
for the UK communications industries.

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Ofcom seeks people's views on a very broad range of policies; at any one time we will have a number of consultations open for comment. This area of our website explains how to find a particular consultation - and how to respond to our consultation teams.

Latest Consultations and Statements


Review of the Metering and Billing Direction

Consultation published 23|05|2014

Broadcast Digital Radio Technical Codes and Guidance

Consultation published 11|04|2014

Business Connectivity Market Review

Consultation published 01|04|2014

Managing Northern Ireland telephone numbers

Consultation published 01|04|2014

Local commercial analogue radio licence durations

Consultation published 25|02|2014

Porting charges under General Condition 18

Consultation published 24|03|2014

Listed Events – Rugby League Challenge Cup Final

Consultation published 20|03|2014

Review of the Metering and Billing Direction

Consultation published 20|02|2014

Listed Events - FIFA World Cup 2014 consultation

Consultation published 18|02|2014

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How Ofcom Consults

The decisions that Ofcom takes must be based on evidence and need to take into account the views of people and organisations with an interest in the outcome. This Plain English guide explains Ofcom’s consultation process.