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Fixed access market reviews: Approach to setting LLU and WLR Charge Controls

Consultation published 11|07|2013

CORRECTION: 20 August 2013: See Correction: Fixed access market reviews: Approach to setting LLU and WLR charge controls


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**NOTE: If you are downloading the models using Internet Explorer you may need to modify the file extention from '.zip' to '.xlsx' for them to open correctly.**

Updates superseded by 20 August 2013 correction

18|07|13 Following our preparation of the Cost Model for public release we have noticed a small correction was required to the RAV and AVE input sheets which has reduced the 2016/17 projected charges for MPF rental by £0.27, WLR rental by £0.21, SMPF Rental by £0.01, WLR Transfer by £0.08, and WLR New Connection by £0.06. MPF/SMPF Bulk Migration and  MPF/SMPF New Provide increase by £0.01 and £0.02 respectively.  We have also noticed a small correction was required in the derivation of the costs of WLR+SMPF Simultaneous Provide. These changes have increased the 2016/17 projected charges for migration services involving jumpering (i.e. MPF/SMPF Single Migration, WLR+SMPF Simultaneous Provide and WLR Conversion) by £0.04. The Cost Model contains these corrections. Since this has not affected the ranges for the X in the CPI-X for the services in question, we have not amended the public consultation document issued on 11 July. Our policy proposals remain unchanged.

CORRECTION 31|07|13: Please note that Annex 4 (the consolidated list of consultation questions) contains an incorrect version of consultation questions 4.7 and 4.8. The correct questions for stakeholders are set out in Section 4 of the consultation document (pages 95 and 102 respectively). Ofcom’s online response form has been updated to reflect the correct questions.

Consultation Document

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Consultation Dates

Start date: 11 July 2013
End date: 25 September 2013

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