Mobile call termination market review 2015-18: Draft decision

Draft statement published 06|02|15

About this document

This document sets out in draft the conclusion of our review of the wholesale 'mobile call termination' (MCT) markets for the period 1 April 2015 - 31 March 2018.

MCT is a wholesale service provided by a mobile communications provider (MCP) to connect a call to a recipient on its network. When fixed or mobile communications providers enable their customers to call a UK mobile number, they pay the terminating MCP a wholesale charge, called a 'mobile termination rate' (MTR). MTRs are set on a per-minute basis and are currently subject to regulation.

We published a consultation document on 4 June 2014 outlining our regulatory proposals for MCT markets. We have taken account of points raised by stakeholders and new information received since the consultation. In this document we set out our decisions, including the regulation that we conclude is appropriate for this market.

The regulation we have decided to impose includes a charge control on the MTRs of all MCPs offering MCT and is designed to promote competition and further the interests of consumers.

This draft statement is today being notified to the European Commission. Once this notification process is complete, we will publish a final statement to bring our decisions into effect.