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Public Sector Spectrum Release: Amateur use of 2310 to 2450 and 3400 to 3475 MHz

Consultation published 11|06|2013


Ackrill Mr,D  PDF Document  (42 kB)

Bartram, Mr C  PDF Document  (144 kB)

Bates Mr,P  PDF Document  (32 kB)

Bay Mr,M  PDF Document  (33 kB)

Bell Mr,M  PDF Document  (34 kB)

Blackwell, Mr,R  PDF Document  (35 kB)

Blair Mr, P  PDF Document  (17 kB)

Blakeborough Mr,P  PDF Document  (36 kB)

Bown Mr,N  PDF Document  (32 kB)

Bown, Mr R  PDF Document  (59 kB)

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Consultation is now closed

Consultation Dates

Start date: 11 June 2013
End date: 22 July 2013

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