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Notice of Ofcom's proposal to exempt automotive short-range radar users at 79 GHz from wireless telegraphy licensing


1.1 In July 2004, as part of its eSafety initiative to improve road safety in Europe, the European Commission adopted a Decision (2004/545/EC) on the harmonisation of radio spectrum in the 79 GHz range for the use of automotive short-range radar equipment (“SRR equipment”) in the Community (the “Decision”). The Decision requires that the 79 GHz band be designated and made available for SRR equipment. This band includes 77, 78, 79 and 80 GHz. The Decision 2004/545/EC is available at Annex 4 of this document.

1.2 The Decision is addressed to all Member States, and the measures provided for in it should be implemented by 1st January 2005, although 79GHz SRR devices are not expected to be commercially available for several years.

1.3 To implement the Decision Ofcom proposes to:

(i) designate the 79 GHz band for use by SRR equipment in the UK Plan for Frequency Authorisation (-1-); and

(ii) make the band available for this purpose by a statutory instrument (regulations) which will permit the use of SRR equipment without the need to hold a licence under the Wireless Telegraphy Act 1949 (the “1949 Act”).

1.4 In order to exempt the use of the equipment Ofcom will make new regulations: the Wireless Telegraphy (Automotive Short Range Radar) (Exemption) Regulations 2005 (the “Proposed Regulations”). The Proposed Regulations will be made in line with the measures provided for in the Decision.

1.5 The Proposed Regulations are available for comment and are included at Annex 3 of this document. A number of statutory steps have to be taken to bring the regulations into force and this consultation forms part of that process.

1.6 Section 2 of this document discusses the background to Ofcom’s proposals and contains the notice of Ofcom’s proposal to make the Proposed Regulations.

1.7 Section 3 of this document sets out the extent of application, scope and intended effect of the draft Proposed Regulations.

1.8 A Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) for the Proposed Regulations is available in section 4. The RIA sets out the risks, costs and benefits of the proposals and the effects that the proposals will have on the costs to business.

1.9 Comments are requested by 14 January 2005. Ofcom then intends to make the final regulations as soon as practical.


1.-United Kingdom Plan for Frequency Authorisation

The full consultation is available via the link at the top right of this page.

Statement, Annexes & Associated Documents

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Consultation is now closed

Consultation Dates

Start date: 09 December 2004
End date: 14 January 2005

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