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Applying spectrum pricing to the Aeronautical sector

Consultation published 21|12|09

Between 22 January and 18 February, the consultancy report " Aeronautical VHF  Spectrum Pricing - Impacts on markets and customers" was missing from Annex 8 of the web based consultation document.  

This report had been substituted with " Administered Incentive Pricing for aeronautical VHF communications". We apologise for this error which happened when we made a minor correction to the formatting of Annex 8. This was discovered and corrected yesterday. We apologise for any confusion which this may have caused.

Consultation Document

Applying spectrum pricing to the Aeronautical sector  PDF Document  (1649 kB)

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Statement, Annexes & Associated Documents

Fees for aeronautical radio licences  PDF Document  (383 kB)

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Consultation Dates

Start date: 22 December 2009
End date: 22 April 2010

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