Broadcast Bulletin Issue number 294 07/12/15

Comedy Central Trailers (Various dates and times, pre watershed), Drive Time (New Style Radio 98.7 FM), Dog the Bounty Hunter (CBS Reality), A Good Year (Film4), Various programmes (Channel i), Azan-e-Magrib (Channel i), Sponsorship of My Iftar My Health (ATN Bangla UK), Community Radio Finance Reports 2014 (Various licensees), Complaint by The Mediawise Trust on behalf of Mrs L (Sky News, Sky UK Limited), Complaint by Dr Ijaz Rehman (Khara Sach, ARY News), Complaint by Mr Patrick Conroy (Gangsters: Faces of the Underworld, Quest)

It is Ofcom's policy to describe fully the content in television and radio programmes that is subject to broadcast investigations. Some of the language and descriptions used in Ofcom's Broadcast Bulletin may therefore cause offence.

The full document (Advertising Scheduling Cases / Other Standard cases / Fairness & Privacy cases) is available below