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for the UK communications industries.

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Enforcing Legal Use of Radio Spectrum

Enforcement information, guidance and investigation request form.

Ofcom is responsible for the protection of the radio spectrum from abuse, both intentional and unintentional. Through a regime ranging from light touch through to prosecution of offences by Field Operations the radio spectrum is kept open for legitimate use.

In this section

About enforcement activity in the UK

Guidance on Receive-Only Radio Scanners

Legal position and common questions on Receive-Only Radio Scanners.

Guide to the use of radio transmitters and the law

An explanation of the regulations which govern the civil use of radio equipment in the UK.

Illegal Broadcasting

What constitutes illegal broadcasting, what the penalties are and how to report it.

Interference from Radio Frequency Heating (RFH) machines

Radio Frequency Heating (RFH) machines belong to a class of apparatus known as Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) equipment which is used in a wide range of applications. RFH machines use high power radio waves in applications such as wood glue drying, plastic welding and sealing, textile dye fixing, textile drying and food processing.

Mobile phone jammers and cellular enhancers

Jammers are devices which are intended to prevent radio equipment from receiving and transmitting the signals relevant to their function. Use of such devices therefore constitutes the specific offence of causing interference.

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