OECD Workshop on metrics for measuring broadband and the Internet Economy

An OECD workshop on revising the metrics for measuring broadband and the Internet economy will be hosted by Ofcom, the UK regulator for communication services, in London on 14-15 June 2012.

This technical workshop titled Identifying an Appropriate Set of Metrics and Indicators for measuring broadband and the Internet Economy is a direct outcome of the OECDs High level meeting on the Internet Economy which was held at the OECD in Paris in June 2011.

During the Internet Economy meeting, attended by Ministers, high level officials and leaders from all stakeholder groups, there was an agreement that collecting additional data, consistent across the OECD community, is critical for determining factors that affect broadband access and adoption and assessing policies which may best advance national plans relating to broadband and the development of the Internet Economy.

A first workshop, jointly hosted by the FCC and the Department of Commerce in Washington, D.C. in October 2011, examined the OECDs proposed Metrics Checklist (see DSTI/ICCP (2010)19 Rev2) to assess both the broad policy issue and the methodological underpinnings surrounding its further revision, adoption and ultimate implementation.

This goal of this second workshop is for participants to make a substantial advance in the development of new metrics for measuring broadband and the Internet Economy building on the discussions, so far, in particular, taking account of the outcome of the first workshop.

A Steering Group made up from representatives of the OECD ICCP Working Parties has been preparing for the workshop and the work has been organised into seven Rapporteur Groups considering different parts of the metrics. A lead Rapporteur and Rapporteur Group members have been appointed and charged with preparing a paper for presentation to the Workshop for discussion and agreement.

The workshop should, inter alia, reach agreement on:

  • a new definition of broadband;
  • a subset of meaningful cross-sectional and time series data that can be implemented quickly and which describes the deployment of broadband services and who adopts them and what services are adopted.
  • Comparable cross sectional and time series data both qualitative and quantitative that identifies the drivers of Internet usage and impacts on innovation, productivity and entrepreneurship within and across countries.

Subsequently, the outcome of the Workshop, including the initial subset of recommended metrics (Phase I of the Checklist), measuring both broadband and the Impact of the Internet Economy will be submitted to the ICCP Working Parties for their agreement and implementation.

The Workshop will be analytical and of a technical nature. It is not a policy discussion. Attendees must be able to engage with the technical and statistical issues and be able to contribute to agreeing meaningful recommendations. To foster an interactive and focused discussion, attendance will be by invitation and a strong background with the technical issues is essential.

Further information on the workshop can be found as follows:

For further information you are also invited to contact one of the workshop organisers, Vincent Affleck, at vincent.affleck@ofcom.org.uk or the OECD secretariat at broadband@oecd.org The OECD would like to thank Google for their support of the workshop