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Broadband take-up has now reached 71 per cent

Broadband take-up has now reached 71 per cent.

Some 37 per cent of over 55s use email each day and 47 per cent use it weekly.

Social networking accounts for nearly a quarter of all time spent on the internet.

The average Facebook user spent 6.5 hours on the site during May 2010.

Usage of instant messaging declined from 14 per cent to 5 per cent.

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Broadband take-up in England has more than doubled in the past five years - 73 per cent now have broadband, the highest among the UK's four nations.

Take-up is highest in the South East (80 per cent) and lowest in the West Midlands (62 per cent). Take-up is also higher in rural than urban areas.

Mobile broadband take-up in inner London (27 per cent) is the highest in the UK.

Some 23 per cent of people living in London use their mobile phone to access the internet, higher than the English average (17 per cent) and the UK average (16 per cent).

Four in ten people in England use social networking sites, the highest proportion of any UK nation and up by 11 per cent over the year.

Some 33 per cent of people in the South West, East of England and outer London areas say they use the internet to find information relating to health issues.

Online viewing in rural areas has increased by 11 per cent to 44 per cent, overtaking levels of online viewing in urban areas.

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Broadband ownership rose 1 per cent to 61 per cent - but its the lowest in the UK and 10 per cent below the UK average.

Broadband take-up varies across Scotland from 53 per cent in Glasgow, Clyde and Lanarkshire to 72 per cent in Lothian and Forth Valley.

Twelve per cent of people in Scotland use mobile broadband.

Just 13 per cent say they access local council or government sites online, half the UK average.

Twenty nine per cent of Scottish households access online banking sites (UK average 43 per cent), while 14 per cent use the internet to find information on health issues (UK average 27 per cent).

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Broadband take-up in Wales is lower (64 per cent) than the UK as a whole (71 per cent).

But over the last 12 months, there has been a greater increase in broadband take-up (6 per cent) than the UK average (3 per cent).

Broadband take-up in rural Wales (69 per cent) continues to be higher than urban Wales (62 per cent).

Take-up of mobile broadband is higher in Wales (16 per cent) than any of the other UK nations.

South East Wales has the highest proportion of mobile broadband households (18 per cent) followed by North and Mid Wales (14 per cent) and South West Wales (12 per cent).

Some 37 per cent of Welsh people use a social network site such as Facebook, a 50 per cent increase on last year.

Over a quarter of Welsh consumers (28 per cent) have watched TV or video content online.

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Seventy per cent of homes in Northern Ireland now have broadband - up 6 per cent from last year and putting Northern Ireland on a par with the UK as a whole.

Broadband continues to be more popular in rural than urban areas - (72 per cent compared to 69 per cent).

Over a third of people in Northern Ireland (36 per cent) now use social networking sites, 38 per cent watch TV online and 15 per cent of households make phone or video calls over the internet - all significant increases on 2009.

Four in ten households in the Belfast area use the internet for banking.

The use of mobile broadband has increased by 6 per cent from last year and is now used in 14 per cent of all homes.

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Across most countries, the desktop PC is still the most popular device used to access the internet at home, followed by the laptop.

But in the UK the opposite is true with laptops being the most popular device used to access the internet at home, used by 69 per cent of internet users.

Mobile internet is also popular with people in the UK with 29 per cent of internet users saying they use their mobile to access the internet at home, second only to those in Japan at 43 per cent.

Fourteen per cent of UK and US consumers also use their games consoles to access the internet, compared with 7 per cent of internet users in Germany.

Italy has the highest percentage of adults who use the internet for social networking at 63.4 per cent, closely followed by the UK and USA at 63.2 per cent.

The UK is behind other countries in take-up of VoIP services with only 5 subscribers for every 100 people, compared with 26 in France and 20 in the Netherlands.

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