In 2010 revenues increased in all 17 comparator countries

Revenues among the 17 countries analysed by Ofcom increased by 7.7% in 2010 to £215bn; all 17 countries saw year-on-year increases.  The BRIC countries - Brazil, Russia, India and China -saw their joint TV revenue increase by 16.2% in 2010, up £4bn to £31bn.  Growth was largely driven by increases in advertising, with the exception of India, where income from subscription revenues outstripped income from advertising.

The gap between the BRIC countries and the combined revenues of Japan and Australia has diminished over the past five years, with the two regions now almost equal in terms of television revenue.  While the combined revenues of Japan and Australia increased by 6.7% year on year (to £33bn), compound annual growth over a five-year period has been relatively flat compared to the other regions, at just 0.9%.

 The combined revenues of Europe and Canada still fall some way below the US, which, as the largest television market globally, generated revenue of £94bn in 2010, an increase of 6.3% on 2009.