The US continues to generate the most revenue per head

Per head, revenue in the US continued to lead the 17 comparator countries, generating £304 per head in 2010, an increase of 14.8% year on year.  This is some way ahead of the second-highest, Japan, which has increased by 15.1% since 2009 to £226 per head.

The major European markets of France, Germany and Italy all recorded declines in per-capita revenues in 2010 - with France down 0.2%, Germany 1.8% and Italy down 1.7%.  The UK, in contrast, recorded a 7.2% increase in revenue per head; to £181 in 2010.

India experienced the largest growth in revenue per head in 2010 (up 90% on 2009), although it is worth noting that, given its large population and lower TV revenues, India (together with China) has, by far, the lowest revenue per head of all 17 comparator countries.