Take-up of digital and analogue television, 2010

Year on year, growth in the take-up of digital television platforms was highest in Brazil, where take-up rose by 20 percentage points to 59% of homes in 2010. Households in the Republic of Ireland also embraced digital television in large numbers, with penetration rising by 18 percentage points to 83%. In Spain, where switchover was completed in 2010, DTV homes grew by 14 percentage points, and the figure was the same in Australia, where the switchover programme began in 2010 and is scheduled to be completed by 2013. There was also a double-digit increase in take-up in France (by 13 pp – switchover will be completed in November 2011) and in the Netherlands (10pp – fuelled by the growing popularity of digital cable services and IPTV).

Elsewhere, DTV growth was more modest. A nine percentage point increase in DTV adoption in Canada was driven by the rapid conversion of analogue cable homes to digital; in Italy a seven point increase came about as a result of rising adoption of digital terrestrial television during 2010 (with DSO having already started in some regions).