Percentage point change in the take-up of DTV, 2009 and 2010

Three countries experienced a rapid acceleration in household take-up of digital television during 2010. The 13 percentage point increase in France was nearly double the comparable figure in 2009 (8 percentage points); in Ireland, the 18pp rise in 2010 was three times that of 2009. Both are facing the completion of digital television switchover in the next 12 months. But by far the most substantial acceleration in DTV take-up has been in Brazil, where the 20pp rise in take-up during 2010 was five times the 2009 figure.

More modest levels of growth in household take-up were experienced in Canada (9pp, up by 2pp year on year), Sweden (6pp, up by 2pp) and Russia (9pp, up by 3pp), Elsewhere, DTV take-up has begun to slow down in the past twelve months, possibly driven by increasing levels of digital television adoption.

Taken together, the last two years have seen substantial double-digit increases in DTV take-up in many of the countries covered in this report - ranging from 22pp in France and 23pp in Australia to 25pp in Brazil and Germany and 28pp in Spain.