The US is the only country to have more women than men online

According to Nielsen, in August 2011 the only one of our comparator countries to have a greater proportion of women than men online was the US (53:47). There was an approximately even split between women and men in the UK (49:51) and France (50:50), while in Spain the gender balance was marginally in favour of men (48:52). The greatest differences between male and female online populations were in Germany, Italy, and Japan where 54% of the unique online audiences were male.

The gender split of unique online audiences between August 2010 and August 2011 has remained similar in most of our comparator countries, with no change in the UK, France and the US, and only a one or two percentage point change in Spain, Italy and Germany. Japan saw the greatest shift in gender split, at three percentage points, as the online audience came closer to, yet remained a significant distance from, the population gender split of 48% men to 52% women .