Figure 1.3 Household penetration of broadband

Broadband internet connections continue to grow year on year, and in Q1 2011, take-up stood at 74% of UK households. There are indications of a slight rise in both fixed and mobile broadband connections, to 67% and 17% respectively, while the use of the internet on a mobile phone has grown substantially, currently standing at just over a quarter of all adults (28%). This has been driven by the growth in the smartphone market and mobile networks offering competitive mobile data packages, both allowing easier and more affordable access to mobile internet services than before.

Virtually all of the 77% of homes with a computer are now connected to the internet, with many households having more than one connection. When including internet access via a mobile phone, total internet penetration has reached 78%. The majority of mobile broadband connections are purchased in addition to a fixed broadband connection at home, although a minority of homes (7%) rely solely on a mobile broadband service.