The Communications Market Report: England

This year there have been trials of superfast broadband in many areas, including Cornwall and London. BT and Virgin continue with the roll-out of fibre-optic services around the country, to bring much faster services to consumers. Next-generation broadband services began trials during the year and promise even faster connections in some areas.

Many companies are now undertaking trials and launching innovations which will bring rural areas to the forefront of technological advances in the coming years, such as the initiatives in Devon and Cumbria.

The widespread adoption of smartphones and the emergence of tablet computers have increased demand for data across cellular networks. Mobile network operators are exploring technologies that will enable faster connections with greater capacity. Ofcom will auction spectrum for 4G later this year, but some operators are already proposing trials of 4G services using their existing spectrum.

In many areas of the UK the creative industries are developing new hubs for innovation, such as in Old Street in London, and have announced funding to help new filmmakers.

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