Scotland had the second-highest household availability of cable broadband services in May 2012, at 35%

As with the roll-out of LLU broadband services, the original cable franchisees concentrated network deployment in urban areas in order to maximise the number of premises covered by their networks (and therefore their potential customer bases). This is reflected below, with household coverage in urban areas being 51%, compared to 18% in rural areas. Across the UK nations, the proportion of homes passed by Virgin Media‟s cable broadband network ranged from 23% in Wales to 47% in England, while in Scotland 35% of homes could receive Virgin Media cable broadband services, the second highest proportion among the UK nations.

All of Virgin Media‟s cable network is able to provide broadband speeds of „up to‟ 100Mbit/s and in January 2012 Virgin announced that it was doubling the speeds of most of its broadband connections in the 18 months from February 2012, thereby increasing the speed of its fastest package to „up to‟ 120Mbit/s.