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Average hours of television viewing per day, by age, all homes

Viewers watched on average 4 hours of television per day in 2011
According to BARB, the average number of hours of television watched by individuals in the
UK has risen over the past eight years, from 3.7 hours a day in 2004 to 4.0 hours a day in
2011 (Figure 2.42). All the age groups have increased their viewing except for adults aged
25-34, whose viewing fell from 3.5 hours a day in 2004 to 3.3 hours per day in 2011. Adults
aged 55-64 increased their viewing hours most; from 5.1 hours a day in 2004 to 5.8 hours
per day in 2011. Year on year, viewing has remained stable at 4 hours per day.

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