Ethnic Minority Groups and Communication Services

Published 20 August 2013


This report was designed to give an overview of use of, and attitudes towards, communications services among ethnic minority groups (EMGs) in Great Britain. The research looks at availability, take-up and consumption of communication services and investigates attitudes towards these services. The research looks at three services: broadcast (television and radio), telecoms (fixed line and mobile) and internet.

We publish this report to support Ofcom's regulatory goal to research markets constantly and to remain at the forefront of technological understanding.

The report primarily relies upon data collected by Kantar Media's Target Group Index (TGI) survey (see Section 3 for more details). In order to achieve large enough samples to make statistically meaningful comparisons we have combined data collected from the TGI survey between July 2009 and December 2012. This was to ensure that the absolute numbers, presented in the charts that rely on these data, represent an average across the fieldwork period. As such, comparisons should not be made between the Great Britain (GB) population statistics in this report and data presented in other Ofcom reports. In most cases the most up-to-date information on the UK population as a whole will be contained within other Ofcom research reports.