UK home broadband performance, November 2015: The performance of fixed-line broadband delivered to UK residential consumers

Published 24|03|16

Access to high quality fixed internet services has become essential to the increasingly online lives of the UK's population. Households use their broadband connections for a variety of activities including entertainment, home working, education and social networking. Each year we publish a report on the performance of residential fixed broadband services as part of our work to monitor the UK communications industry.

The research uses data collected by our research partner, SamKnows Limited, in November 2015 which was gathered from a residential panel of over 2,000 volunteers who have connected a hardware measurement unit to their broadband router. These units run tests measuring various metrics that help determine the user-experience of undertaking various online activities.

The findings are presented in two reports, a consumer summary focusing on three key metrics and a longer technical report.