Consumer research into the transparency of traffic management information provided by ISPs


In March 2011 the Broadband Stakeholder Group (BSG) introduced the Traffic Management Transparency Code to help improve the information available to consumers about internet service providers (ISP) traffic management policies. 1 The Code set out a framework by which major ISPs agreed to provide meaningful, useful and comparable information for consumers about their traffic management policies through published 'key factor indicator' (KFI) tables. All of the major fixed and mobile ISPs became signatories to the Code.

Ofcom believes that information on traffic management policy and practices is important for consumers when choosing their internet service, and it is therefore also important that the BSG's Traffic Management Transparency Code works effectively for consumers. We commissioned new consumer research to understand how consumers are buying (and using) mobile and fixed broadband services, and their knowledge of traffic management polices within this context.

See Ofcom's update in full below.