News consumption in the UK -2015 report

Published 16|12|15

This executive summary and accompanying slide pack report provides key findings from Ofcom’s 2015 research into news consumption across television, radio, print and online. The slidepack can be found here:

The aim of this report is to inform an understanding of news consumption across the UK, and within each UK nation. The findings are published as part of our range of market research publications that examine people’s consumption of, and attitudes towards, different types of content on different platforms.

The report provides data on various news consumption measures, including the sources and platforms used, the use of local news, the perceived importance of different outlets for news, attitudes to individual news sources, the reasons people follow news, and news consumption in the nations. It also compares this year’s news consumption findings with those from the past two years, where possible.

The report also provides ‘share of references’ data. This is a cross-media measure used by Ofcom to compare the share of individual news sources, consumed across all platforms.