Sitefinder and its limitations

Sitefinder, which Ofcom hosted on behalf of Government, was originally a general resource for people wishing to find out the location and operating characteristics of mobile phone base station sites around specific locations. However, the last Sitefinder update was applied in May 2012, noting that some operators ceased providing updates some years before then. Ofcom cannot accept liability for any inaccuracies or omissions in the data provided within Sitefinder.

Please Note:

  • Sitefinder contains only historical data, which is therefore incomplete and inaccurate with respect to current network deployments.
  • Sitefinder is not receiving new information about changes or additions to networks. It does not include information about 4G installations.
  • Sitefinder does not predict likely coverage or signal strength.
  • Sitefinder does not show mast locations, only base stations.
  • The installation and use of unlicensed cellular boosters/repeaters is illegal.

Accordingly, you are advised not to rely on Sitefinder information for any purpose, including for mast location/co-ordination. Our disclaimer covers any reliance or use of this information.

Mast Enquiries

Sitefinder does not show mast locations. Ofcom has published advice on its website about Masts and Planning describing UK policy for the siting of masts, with links to further information, relevant legislation and sources of advice.

Transmitter Enquiries

Sitefinder can send queries to the operator(s) of base stations displayed on the site. When a flag is clicked, a pop-up panel displays basic data and a link beneath this will generate an automated email to the technical helpdesks registered by operators. Of course, as the data is historical there is no guarantee that the site still exists and please note that Ofcom has no involvement in the enquiry process.

A list of contact addresses, details of the licences and spectrum allocations for each are published at UK Cellular Operators.

Coverage Enquiries

Sitefinder does not predict likely coverage or signal strength. Ofcom has published advice about Cellular Coverage on its website.

Health and Emissions Enquiries

Ofcom regulates the operation of mobile networks in relation to their use of radio frequencies but does not have any duties related to the recommendations for exposure to EMF emissions. We have published an information page about Exposure to Electro Magnetic Fields which provides background information and indicates where further advice may be found.

General Enquiries

Ofcom covers a very wide range of topics for spectrum, telecommunications and postal policy areas. A great deal of information, advice and FAQs is published on our website at Ofcom for Consumers. However if you do not find the information required, please visit Contacting Ofcom or call us on 0300 123 3333 or 020 7981 3040. We are open Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm.