TV White-spaces

Ofcom has published consultation proposals for authorising certain types of white space devices (WSD) on a licensed basis (27/02). This consultation has now closed. Further updates will be posted here in due course.

This follows publication of a statement outlining our policy decisions on implementing TV white spaces.

White spaces are the name given to parts of spectrum that are unused in a particular location and at a particular time. TV white spaces exist between airwaves primarily used for digital terrestrial TV broadcasting (470 MHz to 790 MHz). The statement follows completion of coexistence and framework testing, policy development and industry trials (some ongoing).

Ofcom is aiming for the framework authorising commercial use of white space technology to be in place by the end of 2015 which will enable the use of new wireless applications to benefit consumers and businesses across the country.

Next Steps

Section 11 of the statement outlines our detailed next steps - and progress on those steps will be available on this page and in the sections below.

  • Final versions of the white space database contract have now been sent to candidate white space database providers for signature. The final version of the contract can be viewed here. Qualification is expected to commence as soon as contracts are signed.
  • We have notified the draft White Space Devices Exemption Regulations and the draft White Space Interface Requirement to the European Commission. Subject to the outcome of the notification process, we anticipate publishing the statutory notice of proposals on making the regulations later this year.
  • Two sub-groups of the TV White Spaces Technical Working Group (TWG) have now been established: the DTT reception database sub-group held its third meeting on 14 July, and the first meeting of the Propagation sub-group was held on 15 July. The next meeting of the main TWG is now expected to be held in September.

For all TV White Spaces correspondence, please email us via our dedicated TV White Spaces inbox:

Page last updated: 22 July 2015