Voluntary Code of Practice: Business Broadband Speeds 2016

The Voluntary Business Broadband Speeds Code of Practice aims to provide business customers purchasing standard business broadband services with transparent and accurate information on their broadband speeds.

The Code is a voluntary commitment from the Internet Service Providers who are signatories to the Code. They undertake to provide accurate and transparent speed information on standard business broadband services at point of sale, manage business customers' speed-related problems, and allow customers to exit the contract without penalty if speeds fall below a minimum threshold.

Current signatories to the Code are:

  • BT Business
  • Daisy Communications
  • KCOM (Hull business)
  • Talk Talk Business
  • Virgin Media
  • XLN
  • Zen

Links to the voluntary Business Code and a Guide for Providers are provided below.

If you are an ISP and would like to sign up to the voluntary Business Code, please see 'Business Broadband Speeds Code of Practice - a guide for providers' below.