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Applying for and Activating Telephone Numbers

In this section

Pilot scheme to charge communications providers for geographic telephone numbers

Guidance for communications providers on the administrative arrangements for the pilot scheme

Applying for telephone numbers

Numbering Application Forms and details on how to apply for UK Telephone Numbers. NB. The Application Forms are only accessible via password access by the 'Application Contacts' currently registered with Ofcom's Numbering Team.

Number Activation Contact details

Detailed list of Communications Providers' contact details, for number activation purposes (only accessible via password access by the 'Activation Contacts' registered with Ofcom's Numbering Unit).

Harmonised European numbers for harmonised services of social value (116XXX numbers)

Information on 116 numbers, including register of numbers available in the UK and details of the comparative selection process

Consumer Protection Test for telephone number allocation

Details of Ofcom’s Consumer Protection Test and access to the under assessment list and the number refusal list

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