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Independent regulator and competition authority
for the UK communications industries.

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Telecoms policy areas

Next Generation Access, Mobile policy, Broadband services, Narrowband (Voice and Internet) Policy, Implementation of BT's Undertakings, ECC, Metering and Biling, Non-Geographic Call Services, Premium rate services (PRS), Calling line identification facilities and Network and Interconnection Policy

In this section

Mobile policy

Mobile call termination consultation, H3G and SMP, Wholesale SMS Termination Market Review and End-to-end connectivity consultation

Implementation of BT's Undertakings

Information on how BT is delivering the undertakings which Ofcom accepted as part of the Strategic Review of Telecoms.

Electronic Communications Code

The Code enables electronic communications network providers to construct infrastructure on public land (streets), to take rights over private land, either with the agreement with the landowner or applying to the County Court or the Sheriff in Scotland.

Metering and billing

This page contains information relating to the Ofcom Metering and Billing Systems Approval Scheme (the "Scheme") which aims to enhance end-user confidence in the accuracy of charges from Communications Providers (CPs), by the testing and certification of the systems and processes involved in creating those charges and generating bills and prepay debits.

Network and Interconnection Policy

Network Charge Controls, Access to Price Control Documents from Oftel

Additional Charges Guidance  PDF Document  (68 kB)

Extract from the Statement on Additional Charges, published 19|12|08

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