Making communications work for everyone: Initial conclusions from the Strategic Review of Digital Communications

25 February 2016

About this document

In March 2015, Ofcom announced a Strategic Review of Digital Communications: the first of this kind in ten years.

Following the publication of a Discussion Document in July 2015, we now set out the interim conclusions and next steps to implement our strategy.

This strategy focuses on five areas:

  • the guarantee of universal broadband availability at a sufficient speed to meet modern consumer needs;
  • support for investment and innovation in ultrafast broadband networks (such as fibre to homes or businesses) by giving BT's competitors improved access to its infrastructure;
  • improvements in the quality of service delivered by the whole of the telecoms industry, including Openreach, BT’s access network division;
  • increased independence of Openreach from BT so that it is more responsive to all of its customers; and
  • consumer empowerment so that people can understand the array of choices available to them and are able to switch to the best value deal easily .

The document also sets out how we will step back from regulation where consumers and businesses no longer need it.