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Responding to the TV white spaces consultation

Online form

Online form

Ofcom invites written comments on the questions raised in this consultation, to be submitted to Ofcom by 5pm on 10 January 2013. Ofcom strongly prefers to receive responses in electronic format. This web form will allow you to indicate your data protection preferences and send your views to the team responsible for this consultation.

Cover sheet for responses

Basic Details

Consultation: TV white spaces

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If you are representing an organisation, we will publish your response under the name of that organisation.

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We will keep your personal email address confidential.

Confidential Responses Only

If you want part of your response, your name or your organisation to be confidential, can Ofcom still publish a reference to the contents of your response (including, for any confidential parts, a general summary that does not disclose the specific information or enable you to be identified)?

Ofcom may publish a response summary 

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I confirm that the correspondence supplied with this cover sheet is a formal consultation response. It can be published in full on Ofcom's website, unless otherwise specified on this cover sheet, and I authorise Ofcom to make use of the information in this response to meet its legal requirements.

Ofcom may publish non-confidential responses on receipt or after the consultation has closed.

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